Famous rock legends

USA is where rock music was born, and also where most famous rock musicians saw the light of day both figuratively and literally. Here I want to talk about three of the most famous rock legends, and of course it is by my own standards I am setting the bar of who is to be called a legend or not ;)

My list of rock legends

  1. Jimi Hendrix - Born November 27, 1942 and died September 18, 1970. He was a trendsetter when it comes to playing the guitar and managed to priduce sounds no one thought was possible. Thanks to him the evolution of rock took a huge leap forward. 
  2. Kurt Cobain - Born February 20, 1967 and died April 5, 1994. Kurt actually started out as a drummer, but switched to guitar and was one of the best musicians in history. His inner pain was the driving force of the great music he produced. 
  3. Lemmy Kilmeister - Born December 24, 1945 and died December 28, 2015. Lemmy is actually not his name, it was Ian but the nickname Lemmy he got when living in Wales kind of stuck. His career includes starring 14 movies, and he was also a part of the band Hawkwind. Most famous for Motörhead though. 

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15 Sep 2019