Temenos Walk-In

Temenos is recruiting freshers who completed their B.E this year and those belong to Computer background like C.S.E or I.T. The Interview is scheduled this saturday at Sterling Road Temenos office in Nungambakkam. Those who are interested use this opportunity and get benefited. This company is Banking software company and has client worldwide. Refer the image given below.

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I Admit

AdmitPeople who reached high level will learn from their mistakes. We have heard many such proverbs and the popular one is

Failure is stepping stone for Success

But let me know how many of us are ready to accept our failure or the mistake which we commit. If someone identifies our mistake we will immediately start arguing them or start justifying them for what reason you committed the mistake or we use the powerful weapon of pin-pointing others.   

Very few of them accept our fault and ask them to forgive us. I just want to re-iterate the same thing with an incident which happened similar to that. While I was driving near to my house I found a taxi driver driving parallel to me. Suddenly the guy who was coming back to the taxi got skidded due to the muddy road. Luckily he controlled and managed without falling down by applying the brakes.

The sound of the vehicle attracted many others including me towards him. The guy again tried to manage that too by just scolding the taxi driver who was driving normally. He was not ready to realise why he got skidded but blindly deviated others view towards the Taxi driver who was no where related to this incident. Such kind of incidents occur in many places where people start justifying their mistakes or pointing others to manage the situation.

We learn something every day, and lots of times it’s that what we learned the day before was wrong!

English Sounds Funny

funny_englishThere are many people who tell English language is superior among other languages. It may be right but there are funny things which exists with English language also. I just went through the plurals given by George Carlin.

We’ll begin with a box, and the plural is boxes,
But the plural of ox becomes oxen, not oxes

We just accept most of them blindly and go with them whereas in Tamil there are rules for representing them in plural. Similar example is given below which also sounds funny.

If the plural of man is always called men,
Why shouldn’t the plural of pan be called pen ?

They also sound funny with pronounds similar to the plurals as given above. I may not be very fluent in English but I dont remember anyone teaching how these words are formed and from where they are derived and there is no any rule to form same kind of word.

The masculine pronouns are he, his & him,
But imagine the feminine: she, shis & shim !

We are currently talking English which is a crazy language among other languages where we can’t find neither apple nor pine in pineapple and find the “rings” in square shape in boxing and wrestling sports.

We ship by truck but send cargo by ship

We can keep saying very many things which sounds crazy and funny and still we keep using these words without thinking anything. Got one more.

If a vegetarian eats vegetables,
What does a humanitarian eat ?

So don’t blame on other languages which has more meaningful things within itself and also has rules for each and everything. Let me end up with another funniest

If Father is Pop,
How come Mother is not Mop ??


Very few of us know the meaning of the word Busker. It just denotes a person who performs in public places like streets, parks to earn some money. But very few of us relate them under the group of buskers and remaining everyone treat them as talented beggars.

Yes you are right that they are talented. But they are not begging you. They will just play a music or perform some acrobatic moves or dance for entertaining you. They won’t stop you doing your work, instead they will deviate your attention towards them through their talent. But at last they just get a name as beggars.

There are another set of people who fall into buskers to show their hidden talent to the outside world so that they will be noticed by anyone who can help them to build their career. Leading music directors and actors were buskers on streets once upon a time  performing a drama which attracted others and attained a great level. Till 20th century the buskers had another named known as minstrels or Street Performer.

So most of the time we people have all such thoughts and think they are begging for money. Very few think above the line and help them in building their career. Hope this will give help you to find buskers and differentiate them from beggars.

Power of Forgiveness

We are currently living in world with hectic schedule having many things running in our mind and most of the time missing our timelines which increases pressure and leads to improper completeness. We finish our work with many faults and put more effort on correcting them. If the task is done by ourselves we don’t care much and start working on correcting them whereas if the same thing is done by others we just get irritated and show all our anger towards them.

We just lose our patience and start shouting at people who are similar to us. Very few come down and find a reason for their failure. Among that few another few alone forgive them. So comparatively there are very very few members who intend to forgive others for their fault. Most of us take this as an opportunity to pin-point their fault and punish them. There is a wording from Bob Enright,

“We Tend to talk about justice in communities that have been in turmoil.
Rarely talk about forgiveness and mercy”

Many philosophers and doctors have given a speech about the power of forgiveness. It will take just a moment to forgive but we fail to do so. But that moment will give benefit to everyone. I don’t mean that every time you have to just forgive the fault done by others. You can see the problem in another angle and try to sought it out rather than shouting at them. At the same time the people who are forgiven should not take this as an advantage and repeat the same.

It must be a mutual understanding between each other which gives will help them to achieve everything. Forgiving will control your blood pressure and pulse rate. It will just remove any harmful things away from your mind indeed refreshing you. So you will be clear on what to do next and how to solve them very soon. So lets be clear on this.

Flexible Glass – Unknown Mystery

Glass is an inorganic solid material which came into existence around 3000 B.C and people started using glasses for very many purposes. Till now glasses are used all over the world for their day to day activities. Till 2012 most of us doesn’t know that there was Flexible glasses existed.

Flexible Glass is an invention which was destroyed and the secret of manufacturing it was also hidden to the outside world by the Roman Emperor names Tiberius Caesar who ruled in the period between 14-37 CE. He was once served with the glass bowl which was made of flexible glass. The King who threw the glass on the floor and was surprised to see the glass not shattering and just got dented.

The craftsmen who served him took it and just repaired it using a hammer bringing it to normal shape. When asked about the invention the craftsmen told that he alone knew the secret behind manufacturing this glass. The King who was afraid of the invention thought this would shed the value of gold and silver. So he beheaded the craftsmen and made the invention to remain as mystery for very many years.

Currently Willow glasses which was introduced by Corning which is type of Flexible glass but still we missed the great Invention which was introduced and remained as secret to the entire world. There are many such kind of Inventions which remains unknown to everyone of us.

Wimbledon 2013

Wimbledon which hosts the most prestigious Championship game of Tennis sport is ready to launch its 127th edition. It is being considered as the best among the other Grand-slam titles like US-Open, French-Open and Australian Open. The lawn-tennis which was started in the year 1876 organized a Championship event names as Wimbledon Championship in 1877. The first player to win the Wimbledon was Spencer Gore.

Later the game received a huge welcome from all over the world and started considering this Championship as one of the greatest of Tennis sport. Each and every player will have a dream to play in the center court. Another thing which adds more prestige to this game is the prize money. In the beginning the court witnessed 200 people offering a single shilling each. Currently the prize money for the winner is $34,500,00.

The game begins on June 24th and ends on 7th July. The defending Champion being Roger Federer in men’s and Serena Williams in women’s. There are totally 19 courts out of which the Center court and Court No.1 takes are considered and used only during the  Championship matches.  Remaining 17 are used during every time depending upon their availability. If Federer wins, he will be creating a world record of most Wimbledon Title which he is currently sharing with William Renshaw.

ICC Champions Trophy

ICC Champions trophy is going to commence from tomorrow. The top eight teams which ranked the ICC rankings will be competing to win the great honor. Hope everyone would know that India topped the ICC ODI ranking and received a prize money of 1,75,000 US dollars. So apart from India, Pakistan, West Indies, Srilanka, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and England are the 8 eight teams which will participate in this tournament.

After a long gap we are going to witness 50 overs limited match. 50 overs game will be always challenging one where they have to control their pressure and play full 50 overs and at the same time score at a good run rate. Already the warm-up matches has been started and India has done well in both the matches. It will be a touch decision for the captain to chose the players in the playing 11.

Hope the cricketers can get clean form of cricket without any match fixing or any illegal scandals getting happened. ICC cricket President Alan Issac has told the media that they will take full care to give the cricket lovers a pure competition.

The schedule for the ICC Champions Trophy 2013 is shown below. The matches are played at England. So keep a watch at the timings and plan accordingly.

Mumbai wins IPL6

Finally the trumpet sound gets muted marking the end of IPL 6 season which was sponsored by Pepsi and co. Mumbai Indians would be very happy to win the IPL 6 and see their name in the list of IPL winners. Pollar played a blistering knock in the final and also bowled well to defend their target and led the team to first victory of IPL. Mumbai Indians hardwork and new talents like Aditya Tare and the comeback of Dinesh Karthik made them deserve their win im this IPL.

Amidst the big IPL controversy, we had a great knockout games seeing the big giants clashing in the Finals of IPL 6. But Mumbai Indians who lost their game in the first match of the playoff made it easy to the Finals and also proved once again that they are mighty against the Chennai Super Kings who had won the IPL twice so far.

The end of IPL saw few retirement announcements by the great cricketing legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Adam Gilchrist. This will completely stop Sachin wearing coloured jersey anymore. Maybe he might play or not play in the Champions league to be held in South Africa. Captain cool tried his best in the final but was helpless. But this IPL was filled with all expected entertainment and unexpected things coming into play. Hope everything will be resolved and expect the BCCI will continue to give a good cricket to the fans all over the world.

My First Car

Finally I have booked my first car after lot of discussions and confusion. I think it was the right time for me to buy a car since it is getting really difficult to travel long in this hot sun. I have booked Honda Amaze middle Petrol version(SMT).

I visited almost 4 to 5 showrooms and analyzed all the cars within my budget and finally thought this would be better compared to others in many aspects. This is been launched newly by Honda in the month of April this year and has attracted a wide range of audience and customers. It gives 14-15 Km mileage in petrol and gives 23-25 Km in diesel. It comes in 1.2 Litre engine for petrol and 1.5L engine in diesel. So it will be a big benefit for the people who are interested in long journey.

The car looks similar to old Swift Dzire model. One can go and trust Honda for their engine performance and the smoothness that can be felt compared to other engines. They have reduced the length to benefit excise duty. It comes around 6.7 Lakhs on road price in Chennai for petrol model and comes 8 Lakhs for diesel model.

I have chosen urban titanium which can be seen in Honda city model. Honda has launched this car to compete Swift Dzire in the market which gives the same or more performance compared to that of Dzire. The bad thing is that I will get the car after 2 or 3 months. Honda should improve this to attract more customers to buy their model.