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Drapery rings are a very much overlooked accessory in a themed setting. This is partially due to the fact they are obviously smaller, and can be at times, in a somewhat difficult to see area. As a result, they are not looked upon as being a significant source for accenting. However, this is definitely not the case, drapery rings are for one, a necessary accessory if you plan on using window curtains in a room. Aside from the importance of their functionality, they also offer a wide array of styles and designs that can complement any theme or personal taste.

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Drapery Rings – Styles and Designs:

These seemingly insignificant accessories come in a great deal of different materials and designs. From different metals such as stainless steel or even shaped iron, to contemporary wooden designs; the options are nearly limitless. Aside from the materials and specifics of designs, they also come in a variety of sizes, giving them more of an emphasis as an accent for the entire room’s theme. So no matter your pre existing theme, rest assured you will find a design that works for you.

How Do I Know What Drapery Ring Style Will Work For My Theme?

drapery rings

Drapery rings are a very customizable and easy to implement accessory. Due to this fact, there are many very unique and modern based styles that will meld well into most pre-existing environments. One thing to ensure upon looking to purchase a new set of drapery rings is to pay close attention to the color scheme of the room; and especially, the color scheme of the drapery in which they will be accenting.

One rule of thumb to go by is that rich, neutral based colors tend to work better with darker finished woods such as cherry or even some oak (depending on specific coatings). Aside from that, these same color schemes also function well with sleek metallic finishes that exhibit modern qualities in themselves.

Lighter, or more rustic country color schemes tend to lean towards a brass, or lighter wood drapery rings that exhibit less minute detail and larger aspects.
Aside from the two most prevalent styles to date, there are also a large variety of customized and unique drapery rings available that can fit into very tightly focused fun themes amongst other things.

In all, drapery rings are a very specialized accessory that can potentially add a great deal to a pre existing theme. When you are in the market to purchase a set, take your time in deciding what exactly you are looking for in terms of themes, and scan the many different options there are available. Especially as someone who might be looking for a contemporary style; with the recent explosion in modern themed homes, there are many unique and sleek contemporary based styles available.

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